Wight Hat publishing

We are a company specialising in the development of reference and utility websites.

We want to put as many online utilities as possible in one place, and make it easy for everyone to understand how to use them.

Along the way we have developed skills in site development, SEO and Ad Ops optimisation. Originally we built these sites to demonstrate our abilities, but we're now spending all our time looking after the sites rather than dealing with paying customers. But if you have an interesting suggestion you can always contact us.

Metric Conversion

Our flag ship site, www.metric-conversions.org allows you to convert between measurement units both imperial and metric such as celsius to fahrenheit as well as live currency conversion.

Strong Password Generator

A relativly new site to help people create strong secure passwords. We have a strong password generator as well as a tool to help you find if your email has been hacked: Has your email been hacked?.